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 Icann gains a little independence

This story is from the category Sounding the Future
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Date posted: 30/09/2006

Icann, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the body which oversees the growth and development of the internet. It is the closest the internet has, to a governing body.

Historically, the US government has always had something of a strangle-hold on Icann, a situation untenable to most internet users, and long a bone of contention, as a great many have called for Icann to be independent of any local government authority.

Now, a significant step forwards for the independence of Icann has been reached, with a new contract demanding less reporting directly to the US for approval.

"The big difference is that we will no longer have our work prescribed by the Department of Commerce and no longer have to report to them every six months with lots of hurdles for us to jump," said Dr Paul Twomey, ceo of Icann.

He said critics of Icann and its relationship to the US should see this as a major step on the path to an international "multi-stake holder organisation".

"The US has clearly stated that it wants full autonomy and that it is committed to that. It is talking the talk.

"The US government has stated its policy of wanting the management of DNS to be in the hands of the private sector and that Icann is the organisation charged with managing it.

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