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 A Virtual, Medical, Body

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Date posted: 14/03/2007

Anatomists, along with bio-chemists and medical illustration students at the University of Buffalo in New York, USA, have crafted a detailed, real-time explorable map of the innards of a complete human body.

Starting the year off with a bang, they first unveiled their progress in January, in a project that quests to ?provide the most reliable science we can find and the most graphically, graphically appealing way that we can," Paul Craig, Ph.D., a biochemist at Rochester Institute of Technology.

"I think it's really exciting to see what we had in our head come to life," Jillian Scott, a Medical Illustration Student stated.

Anatomist Richard Doolittle, Ph.D., of Rochester Institute of Technology in N.Y., stated, "Going with something like a 3-D approach allows the student, allows the user, to see the structures from all different angles."

Researchers plan to add to the model, building scenes of disease ravaging in a virtual body environment.

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