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 Sony Makes Interesting Claims

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Date posted: 28/08/2007

A claim by Sony, last week, if true, would herald a revolution in camera technology, that facilities such as MIT and Microsoft Research have been working on for years, without success.

The new eye-toy for the Playstation 3 has, according to Kazuhito Miyaki, Sony?s director of game development on its upcoming title ?Eye of Judgement? which is creating the new eye toy, the potential to track the movement of playing cards in full three axis and six degrees of movement.

There is much scepticism about, following this declaration, as it is believed to be physically impossible for a single camera aperture to do this ? it is why VR cameras are designed with multiple apertures at differing angles.

Eye Toy card battle game, Eye of Judgement, boasts some pretty impressive optical recognition technology that not only identifies a card (from a selection of hundreds) and summons the right monster, but it can track the movement of that card - including its distance from the camera and tilt orientation - and keep that monster positioned correctly on it, on the screen.

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