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 Prosthetic Forelegs, 9 week old puppy

This story is from the category Augmenting Organics
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Date posted: 01/09/2007

A Tennessee, USA puppy is preparing for a double prosthetic leg operation. Putting artificial legs on a 9 week old Maltese has never been performed before, but it is hoped they will give her quality of life.

Whilst Hope has no problem getting around, owner Mary Dube would like to give her a fair chance to walk around like a dog, instead of hopping like a bunny.

This is the first time prosthetic limbs will be attempted on an animal like this. Hope will journey to Dynamic Prosthetic and Orthotic where they'll make a cast of Hope before making her new legs.

The new legs are actually wheeled, so they can survive all terrain, and only the stubs are implanted permanently, so that the leg frame can be upgraded as she matures.

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