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 Animation for the Masses

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Date posted: 06/09/2007

Adobe Systems, the company famous for tools like Photoshop and Acrobat Reader, is developing software that could bring the power of a Hollywood animation studio to the average computer and let users render high-quality graphics in real time.

Adobe is focusing its efforts on ray tracing, a rendering technique that considers the behaviour of light as it bounces off objects. Since it takes so long to render, ray tracing is typically used for pre-computed effects that are added to films, computer games, and even still pictures before they reach the consumer, explains Gavin Miller, senior principal scientist at Adobe.

With the rise of multicore computing, Miller says, more consumers have machines with the capability to compute ray-tracing algorithms. The challenge now, he says, is to find the best way to divvy up the graphics processes within general microprocessors.

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