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 Mouse Emulation Tool Uses Head Movement to Help Disabled PC Users

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Date posted: 11/10/2007

The MouseCap, a mouse-emulation tool from Argentinian designers Mart?n Belzunce and Nahuel Gonzalez, features simple aspects that other mouse replacements do not: It's easily compatible with most operating systems, does not need extra software, and doesn't need to be personally calibrated for each user, which means that it's easier to share with others.

It is basically a head motion tracking system, similar to that used in CAVE VR interfaces.

The system includes three sensors that are placed on the corners of the monitor, a processor, and another sensor mounted on the user's head on glasses, a cap or anything else that a user would find comfortable. It connects easily through a USB plug and right-and-left click selection is activated by the user?s bite or by breathing softly on a tube trigger.

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