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 LightWork Design unveils a new rendering solution

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Date posted: 17/06/2008

(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new rendering solution: LightWorks Studio Edition, or 'SE'.

With LightWorks SE the Company has drawn on its wealth of rendering experience as a well-established player within the market, to provide a new approach to integrated rendering. LightWorks SE delivers the easiest to use toolkit ever, alongside access to some of the most powerful rendering available in the world market today. Its industry-solutions based approach means that each product is tailored to meet specific customer requirements, delivering exactly the solution they need for their users.

A key element of LightWorks SE is the inclusion of pre-packaged LightWorks content settings which have encapsulated all our best practice experience in rendering by creating ready to use data settings which work together to streamline users' workflow. Customers can include complex lighting settings within their application that give the best results to the user every time, without the user or the application developer having to become an expert in complex rendering.

David Forrester, Managing Director at LightWork Design commented, "I am very excited about the release of LightWorks SE because it provides a one-stop solution for our customers who are wanting to introduce quality integrated rendering within their products. LightWork Design has been meeting customer needs for almost 20 years now and we will continue to work with all of our customers to provide them with the best solutions so that they can better meet the needs of their own users."

See the full Story via external site: www.lightworkdesign.com

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