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 Droplet by Droplet Laboratory Experiments at 3,000 RPM

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Date posted: 10/09/2008

Biochip laboratories, those shoebox-sized in-situ diagnostic units that have been around for just a handful of years, revolutionise diagnosis where they are present. A biochip blood test takes two hours to return accurate results for a range of chemical levels and bacteria types, versus two weeks for a traditional test.

However, they are still not widely used in healthcare practice. Perhaps because two hours is still a significant amount of time, and no different than two weeks for the logistical purpose of bringing the patient back to find out the result.

Therefore, work such as that RainDance Technologies is performing, on droplet sorting for biochips, is a definite godsend, even if they are currently only targeting research laboratories.

RainDance are developing high throughput microfluidic technology to deliver, sort, and analyse individual liquid droplets at 3,000 units per minute.

From the company?s copy:

Individualized reactions based on proven methods with minimal opportunity for process induced bias or error, while avoiding the disadvantages and limitations of multiplexed assay formats

  • Full control of the discrete droplets with our microfluidic elements and advanced signal processing, providing operators simple and streamlined workflow

  • Picoliter reaction volumes providing favourable reaction kinetics and efficient utilisation of precious samples

  • Physical characteristics that allow the flexibility to meet the needs of a variety of applications

  • The speed and higher precision of millions of reactions per hour in a compact instrument footprint, avoiding the need for large automation solutions

  • Increased statistical confidence provided by large numbers of replicate measurements

  • The ability to easily capture the output of on-chip processes, empowering the technology with both preparative and analytical capabilities

  • By deflecting the costs inherent in large automation solutions and circumventing the complexities of multiplex assays, the RainStorm droplet-based technology platform easily adapts to applications in high-growth life science markets.

    Here's a video, slowed down by a factor of 1,000, showing RainDance's droplet
    sorting system:

    You don't have a flash player so you can't view the video

    Video of RainDance's droplet sorting system (1/1000th speed).



    A Hospital in a shoebox

    Personal blood tester

    Biolabs With Interchangable Chips

    See the full Story via external site: www.raindancetechnologies.com

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