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 Muxlim Pal to be world's first Muslim-themed virtual world

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Date posted: 30/10/2008

Within the next few months, according to Ashar Saeed, a vice president at Muxlim.com, the Internet will receive its first Muslim-themed virtual world, not unlike Second Life, complete with its own currency and culture.

Saeed asserts that Muxlim.com, based in Finland and the United Kingdom, is the world's largest online Muslim community.

The new virtual world will be called Muxlim Pal, and Saeed told me in a phone interview that "this is something that's the first of its kind in the Muslim world."

So how will a Muslim virtual world be different from a non-Muslim one? Saeed says there won't be very much difference at all. "You will have everything from clothes to restaurants on this virtual world," he says. "People will be able to create their own rooms; they'll be able to decorate the rooms, to give gifts."

Saeed adds that Muxlim Pal is meant to create an open community for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Further, Muxlim.com and Muxlim Pal are designed more as vehicles to explore Muslim culture -- particularly the culture of minority, English-speaking Muslims in the Western world -- and less as ways to explore Muslim theology.

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