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 The tablet PC could be Apple's next big thing

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Date posted: 20/08/2009

Figuring out what Apple Inc. has in store for its next big product launch has become as popular a game as gathering to pick fantasy football drafts every fall.

And with holiday shopping season approaching, speculation is growing about what will be the next must-have device that Apple hopes will wow consumers and lead to a boom in sales.

Since the company only recently has upgraded the iPhone, and revamps its Mac PC models throughout the year, it follows that something involving the iPod could be next. And Apple historically holds an event in September or October to show off the newest iPod model.

While iPod sales have remained solid, there is a belief that the growth rates for the digital media players could be slowing, leading to the thought that Apple could be about to enter the market with a new tablet, or mini-PC, that falls somewhere in size and scale between the iPod touch and the MacBook laptop PC.

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