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 Modeling Nano-worlds: Slashing Production Development Time And Costs For Integrated Circuits

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Date posted: 01/09/2009

Modelling the fabrication processes for integrated circuits can slash production development time and costs by up to 40%. But as transistors, already at nano-scales, become ever smaller, researchers are modelling new worlds.

Over the past seven years, the microprocessors in everyday electronic equipment have delivered astonishing advances in speed while reducing power consumption per transistor.

That is because the scale of the transistors manufactured in high volumes for these electronic devices decreased considerably. Current research is preparing for the 32nm and 22nm nodes and even beyond.

?At these nodes many new materials and processes are introduced and the devices become so small that we cannot be sure that the concepts developed for simulating the manufacture of larger devices can be transferred directly,? says Dr Peter Pichler, a leading researcher in computer modelling of advanced manufacturing processes from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology in Germany.

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