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 No catastrophes please, it's software modelling

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Date posted: 31/01/2010

European researchers have created a development platform that will enable applications to tackle the enormous and increasing complexity of modern computer science. It promises better quality at a lower price.

Software development is becoming so complex that a new development paradigm is required. Already standalone applications, like word processors and operating systems require hundreds or even thousands of engineers to develop.

But that degree of complexity explodes for large computer systems like enterprise applications, or airport management. The range of tasks software is required to complete and number of functions it must include, the variety of programming languages and environments it must cope with, leads to a lengthy and expensive development process.

?Complex software systems are constantly evolving, too. It also requires considerable work to modify or adapt complex systems under traditional system of software development,? explains Dr S?bastien Praud of Thales Research and Technology, technical coordinator of the MODELPLEX project.

Even worse, the problem is getting bigger as computer scientists and engineers integrate larger applications and tackle more complex problems.

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