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 VirTra Systems Installs Simulator for Air Force

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Date posted: 02/02/2005

(Press Release) VirTra Systems, Inc yesterday announced the successful installation of another training simulator for the United States Air Force.

Last week, VirTra Systems installed an IVR-180 series simulator, including recoil weapons, at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. MacDill is a prestigious training location tasked with training responsibilities for all branches of the military, including current support for U.S. activities in Iraq.

The simulator will be utilized for a variety of training objectives, including marksmanship, room-clearing, convoy training, and combat readiness.

Technical Sergeant Frederick Motomal, Combat Arms instructor at MacDill, commented, "VirTra Systems' IVR simulator is very flexible, supporting a combination of training objectives. High-definition video across multiple screens helps immerse the soldier into the action, increases training realism, and provides an invaluable training tool for troops being deployed into the Iraqi theater, as well as future urban engagements.

"I am impressed with both the simulator and VirTra Systems' team. The IVR simulator's software has an ease of use superior to other products I've seen," Motomal concluded.

"We are pleased the Air Force continues to order our advanced IVR series simulators for its marksmanship and combat training needs," stated Michael Kitchens, VirTra Systems' executive vice-president. "The IVR series continues to gain popularity among military personnel as they experienced the near-life-like functionality of these highly advanced systems."

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