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 Game firm holds 'cast' auditions

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Date posted: 07/02/2005

Video game firm Bioware has held open auditions for people to become cast members for future games.

The company, which makes role playing games such as Knights of the Old Republic and Neverwinter Nights, was seeking people aged 18 to 99.

The Canada-based company said it was looking for "a wide variety of people to use as face models for characters".

"There are hundreds and hundreds of characters in a typical Bioware game," said Shauna Perry, Bioware's audio and external resources producer.

"Those people live in any city and village and so we need ordinary people, people with interesting faces."

She added: "Not everyone is a model in the world so we don't want just models in our games."

People chosen to appear in a game will have their head scanned in three dimensions.

"The 3D model will look exactly like the person - it's really quite incredible how detailed they are,"

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