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 Google and Facebook in White House web privacy sights

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Date posted: 25/02/2012

The White House has called on internet firms to develop stronger privacy protections for consumers. In a statement, President Barack Obama outlined a "consumer privacy bill of rights". The White House said internet users should have the right to limit the context in which information was collected, should be allowed to correct information and should have the right to transparency in privacy policies.

The move comes amid worries that browsing information is being tracked and given to advertisers. State attorneys in 36 states recently sent a letter of concern over Google's plan to share personal information across its products. As part of the announcement, the firms' ad networks said they would support a "Do Not Track" browser option.

The US has advocated since 2010 for "Do Not Track", a one-click option to prevent information gathered while web browsing being shared with third parties.

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