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 Digital media becomes 'UK norm'

This story is from the category Display Technology
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Date posted: 09/03/2005

Digital broadcasting has now become mainstream entertainment in UK households, a broadcasting conference has been told.

About 14 million households - 60% of the total - have digital TV, according to the UK regulator Ofcom.

And there are now six million broadband connections and 1.4 million digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio sets in use across the UK, Capital Radio's chief executive David Mansfield reminded the conference.

Other speakers at the conference said the onus was now on content providers and broadcasters to satisfy different audiences who moved at different speeds.

While some consumers are still enjoying "linear", or passive, media, there is also a growing appetite for on-demand content, either via "grey" or semi-legal sites or from licensed content providers, said Mark Thompson, the BBC director-general:

"The second wave of digital is creating a hybrid world featuring more linear, non-participatory media, with increasing audience participation, engagement and creativity," Mr Thompson said.

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