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It is not just your avatar that will be customised to you

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Source: Otherland: City of Golden Shadow, Page: 59

As the Puppet described the voice recognition features for !Xabbu, Renie wondered whether it was a coincidence that this particular salesperson appeared as a black woman, or whether it had been summoned up tailor-made to match her own net index and address.

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Quite a few other quotes from different books have brought this point up in many different guises, yet it is central enough to always be worth commenting on when it crops up.

If you are using a VR system which requires certain details about you, even something as simple as as your name and a social security number, then you have a system that can work out many details about your physical body, even without being told them – it all depends on how secure that information is.

Even without such details, if the collaborative environment even has your ip address and browsing history, it can form a profile about you; your physical location, the culture of the country (or countries) that your physical body tends to log in from, your lifestyle.

With such simple information a profile about you can be constructed, and with more complex information, a much more precise profile can be constructed.

As our virtual worlds become ever more sophisticated, this information will be used in increasingly more innovative ways, particularly by individuals and organisations wishing to use psychology on prospective clients, to make them that little more willing to sign on the dotted line.

Essentially, just as your body can be practically anything you desire, within processing limits, whilst your mind is embodied in such an environment, so too, can embodied Ais and virtual agents be housed in bodies that are also anything you desire, or more accurately in this instance, anything the company believes you desire.

Dial a salesperson, perfectly customised and literally tailor-made to appeal specifically to the prospective customer they are sent after.

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About the Book 'Otherland, Volume 1: City of Golden Shadow'
By Tad Williams
Produced By DAW Books

The first book in the Otherland Saga, City of Golden Shadow serves as an introduction and ground setting book that enriches and deepens the later works. Among the many aspects of life in this near-future world it depicts in detail, is an advanced virtual reality technology.

City of Golden Shadow introduces the basics of total immersion VR technologies, slightly further ahead than those of William Gibson?s Neuromancer. It delves into all the possible uses for such technology in stunning depth and detail, yet it does so in such a way that the pace of the plot never slackens.
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