Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: A Cash Machine Spouse

This single frame is taken from the 2004 film 'The Stepford Wives'. It has been greatly reduced in size from the original, in order to meet fair use guidelines.

In the film, this is the first time we meet one of the cyborg women for what they really are - what they have become. Almost mindless, controlled robots.

The point of the film this is from, is just after the robot battle on the carpet. Walter wins the battle, and wins $20 from his opponent, Ted. Ted does not have any money on him, but this was planned in advance. He has his wife in the building, waiting and ready.

He calls out a command word, loud and clear. His wife is obviously attuned to recognise his voice, although whether this is an augment, or simply a post hypnotic suggestion using her own memories is never entirely clear. At any rate, once the command 'Babe' is uttered in the clear, she enters the room.

She takes calm, measured steps, yet moving swiftly; her face absolutely expressionless. She stands next to him in front of Walter, smiling. To her Ted says "give me twenty, you know my pin." He hands her his credit card. She takes it, inserts it into her mouth, where it is drawn in mechanically, back out again, and then she stands motionlessly for a few seconds, then jerking her head forwards as something rises up her throat, she disgorges a handful of notes from her mouth.

That anybody who upgrades their body to cyborg should of their own free will, build an ATM into themselves is ludicrous. Even more so when it is obviously built into her chest and uses her mouth and her throat as the delivery mechanism. A hazard to airflow, and not exactly comfortable to say the least. This strikes the message home loud and clear that the upgrade was entirely without her consent, and that she has been reduced both in stature and in station, to a mere servant of her owner, rather than wife of her husband.

Whilst there are many who would enjoy the relationship type, it must always be consensual. This repeats the message that any upgrade, or augment to the body and to the brain must always be consented to by the person receiving it, with full implications understood. If it is not, you risk turning a person into what is seen here: An appliance of convenience.

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