Large Image Display:University of Washington: Astrobiology Graduate Student Conference 2009 - image 2

The above images are from a mixed reality conference ? split between a physical location and a single virtual world ? which occurred between the 17th and 18th of July 2009, when early-career astrobiologists met at the University of Washington in Seattle for the 6th annual Astrobiology Graduate Student Conference, colloquially known as AbGradCon.

On the left, attendees who were unable to be physically present, interact from Portugal, Greece, Australia, Uruguay and the US, via astrobiology science posters and scattered between them, other media posters displaying real time camera vantage points into the physical conference, complete with sound.

On the right, physically present students pose, discussing work with virtually present students via one of the projector displays into the virtual environment ? the opposite number to the in-world vantage points, also complete with sound.

Link: AbGradCon 2009: Another attempt at Mixed Reality Conferencing