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Animatrix: Matriculated: Designed to Run
Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Designed to Run

This single still is from the widescreen version of ?Matriculated?, one of the Animatrix animated shorts. It has been considerably scaled back from the original material.

Here we see the two 'runner' autonomous hunter robots, up close forthe first time. Their design seems surprising at first, especially when comparedto the clunky design of today's robots. However, when you stop and conside their purpose, they are ideal.

Long, splindly legs each bend and flex as needed to scale any terrain. In our world, the bigdog robots have proven that four legs are ideal for wet or dry sand, thick or sparce vegetation, rocks, steps, virtually any incline. Thus seeing these have four such, is no surprise.

The bodies are sleek, and slim. Any excess weight is purged, and they have an almost insectide appearance. The brains are likely located in the armoured thorax, along with power supplies. Up top for height are the visual sensor arrays and other scanners, topped with what look like overly thick antennae, although they too have a valuable purpose that is looked at in another, later still.

All in all, they are superbly designed for what they are: running machines for any terrain. Eventually our militaries will create something like this, perfect for the task at hand.

Link: Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Flexible Design

Link: Animatrix: Matriculated