Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Inside the Main Dome

ActiveWorlds Gate 5.0 launched on November the 26th 2009, in readiness for the launch of ActiveWorlds 5.0 on December the 1st 2009. This view was taken from the mezzanine level of the main dome, directly above the corridor new users traverse on their way in.

It can be seen quite clearly here, how the world haas been designed essentially, like an exotic travel port. On the outside it is all awe and mystery; tranquil beauty urging yet preventing exploration. Yet, when you get inside, everything is business-like, clean lines and simple elegance. There is space for a great many individuals, yet everything is subtly pushing, drawing the user to the information booths and portals to delve deeper into the many worlds of the platform.

Overall, this is exactly what an entrance to a new platform should be.

Link: World Review: ActiveWorlds Gate 5.0