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Augmented Conferencing

A recent news story covered BT's attempts to wire up the conference room of the future. However, BT's spokesperson, Lesley Gavin, seemed less than clued up on use of the virtual technologies that would likely be employed. We would like to suggest our own version for how we think the conference event of the medium-term future will be held. Twenty years from now.

BT's vision for 2027:

You simply tap a computer display on the wall which instantly flashes up a map of what discussions are taking place in the room, and of who is involved. You tap again on a hot discussion and a robot leads the way, allowing you to bypass the conference bore.

VWN's vision for 2027:

The hall the conference is taking place at, is vast, but seems to be a mix of different decorating styles. Some of them have low ceilings, others seem to be large halls. In truth the conference is spread out across the globe. Rather than just meeting in one massive hall in one country, it has several sub-halls, each large in themselves, but each allowing local firms that might not necessarily be able to travel to showcase their wares.

The conference locations are connected via GeoWall systems, that blanket the physical walls with live, two way teleconferencing straight into the action. Groups of individuals huddled by the walls are often in two different conference suites; full body displays being projected to one another, and vocals kept to only that area.

Some conference members are only there in virtual form. Motorised robotic holoprojectors; distant descendants of present-day heliodisplay systems, enable their forms to appear on the conference floor.

There is no need to tap a computer display on the wall, as augmented reality HUDs -provided by the conference venue, for security reasons - have all this information right at your pupils. Likely by this time, at direct retinal display, behind the eye, or virtual light.

Additionally, if current trends in mind controlled computing continue, they will be thought activated by this point. Think it and the HUD finds it.

Whilst predicting the future is notoriously difficult, we firmly believe the conferences of 2027, will look closer to our version, than BT's. Whilst their technologies will unquestionably help, they will be only part of a much greater, interconnected whole.

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