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A Selection Of The Dark Uses For SimStim


SimStim is the as yet still mostly theoretical concept of recording full sensory input from one person's brain - sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, prioproception, balance, together with the possibility of their real-time emotional responses. Such a recording to be stored, and later played back into a second person's brain, delivering the sense data to them as if it were their own.

Such a system, of complete sensory passive virtual reality has been a potential goal of many research efforts for some decades now, and piece by piece, it is slowly becoming more feasible as a concept.

As with any technology tool of humankind. When it arrives, it will both be used for the common good, and abused / debased for individual greed and corruption.

This article attempts to outline a fair idea of the darker uses SimStim will be put to, once it is mature enough to be utilised.

Corrupt Law Enforcement

  • Corrupt law enforcement officials seeking a confession where none is forthcoming could hurry things a bit by subjecting the suspect to recordings of another person's sensory experiences as they were beaten, whipped, set alight, or a whole smorgasbord of other tortures. This would leave the suspect with a memory feeling utterly vivid and real, but not a mark on their body to show for it, in terms of bringing prosectution against the officers concerned.

  • If the suspect is the wrong one, but for whatever reason, it is politically expident to convict them, it would be possible to falsely implant the memory of a heinous act, then using the torture above, to extract a confession for that crime, realistic enough to be seen as not scripted since it came from a 'memory'.


  • Waterboarding is a method of torture that is very effective, but utterly illegal and immoral to all who have signed the geneva convention. Using a recording of another prisoner's near fatal experiences with such, and the emotional responses they had, it would be perfectly possible to give that person the same experience, and the memories of that experience afterwards, dragged out as long as necessary with no physical evidence that could directly link conclusivelty to such a recording being used. The prisoner would experience the same psychological response as the recording generated, and and psychological damage would be just as real, but no physical signs of such.

  • Sensory depravation torture without requiring the actual sensory depravation equipment.

  • Psychological warfare by means of putting subjects through a sensory experience designed to unhinge them, or loosen their grip on reality.

  • Implantation of memories of drug addiction/withdrawal without actually making the subject physically dependent on a drug - just mentally dependent.

  • Repeated mental conditioning and exposure to violent combat recordings designed to dehumanise own soldiers.


  • Implantation of false memories to muddy the truth in disputed incidents.

  • Seeding quiet propaganda via adding data to networked or internet linked SimStim units.

  • Attempted personality massaging through repeatted exposure to 'mandatory education' programmes.

Independent Abusers

  • Picture the scene where bored with just the 'normal' way of doing things, a rapist records their vivctim's senses and emotional responses during the rape itself, building up a collection of what they consider to be the best of such, then plays them back over the senses of their victim, subjecting them not only to the trauma of their own rape, butr to those of other women as well.

    The sexual abuse you remember in crystal clarity, no longer is necessarilly your own.

  • Possibly even worse than the above. Yuo are raped, and the rapist records his own senses and emotional state throughout the whole procedure. Then, at the end, forces you to relive the whole experience from their perspective, reliving through your own sexual degredation from their perspective and feeling the emotions that person felt in doing such to you, and presumably enjoying it.

  • Terrorist training by experience - one succeeds, survives, and shares the experience, directly, with others.

  • A whole plethora of new abuses directed against vulnerable individuals, by recording abuse against them, or against someone else, and replaying it over and over, and over again.

  • Psychotics recording how they feel, and spreading it for others to experience.

  • The ultimate drug high - experience the sensation of someone else's drug high, and play it back again and again and again - the recording becomes itself, a new drug, one that can be used again and again until the subject's brain itself gives out.

  • Deliberate corruption of a sensory stream would have unpredictable consequences for the human central nervous system.

  • Seisure recordings, recordings taken during a stroke, and time of death recordings might actually induce brain damage, or the mimicry of brain damage in the viewer. At best, they would fool the brain's internal systems into thinking it was undergoing damage. Coma would not be unfeasable as a response.


  • Subtle corporate brainwashing to think certain ways upon employees, via exposing them to pre-edited SimStim recordings designed to invoke certain feelings upon seeingthe company logo, or other cues. Conditioning, in essence.

  • Advert streams overlaid on SimStim recordings - editing the sensory stream, in order to try and push products onto people without their realisation. The ultimate form of advertising.

  • Attempts to patent or copyright certain types of natural sensory experience for profit..


  • Telecoms firms alter data transmission now, on occasion. Imaginee the fun of telecoms firms altering SimStim transmissions sent over their carrier waves, or replacing them, for the firms' own benefit. Subliminal messaging at its best.

  • Deliberate bandwidth throttling of SimStim recording transfer, resulting in distorted sensations or even painful sensory input.


  • Intimate relations with another person, recorded on the sly, could be shared, used for blackmail, or financial gain.

  • Falsified recordings made using stand-ins, or remastered would create situations where scandals could emerge based on a person's actions, witnessed by a third party. Of course, in fact, those actions never actually occured.

    Gutter press reaching new heights.

  • Third-Party sexual harassment, when a colleague uses recordings of your sensory input accessible to them for business purposes, for entirely personal reasons.
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