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Podcast: CNN on DARPA Prosthetics and Virtual Health, July 2009

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This seven minute podcast (of which the first minute, six seconds is entirely skippable) focusses on DARPA work on detecting illness in soldiers before symptoms appear, limb regeneration and portable ultrasound.

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Ignoring the first minute, which is a 'random medical facts' drivel, this seven, or essentially six minute podcast launches into a fair few facts about medical and anti-disability technology being developed at DARPA, and serves as a progress update for the end of July 2009.

In Durham, North Carolina, the task of researcher Geofrey Ginsburg is to keep soldiers disease-free and combat ready, no matter how far they may be from a medical facility. That means wearable biochip laboratories, that can continually monitor the soldier's health and diagnose a condition the moment it starts to take hold. The project was given $6,000,000 of funding.

At 5:10, the topic changes to the ability to regrow limbs, a definite interest topic for prosthetic users, as an alternative vector to getting limbs back.

DARPA has commissioned a study to work out how the salamander is able to regenerate its body parts, and how to then apply that to humans. Again, $6,000,000 has been allocated for this study.

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