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Podcast: Johnny Lee: Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote

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Podcast Description

This cast from TED 2008, looks at how the cheap wii-mote can be easily repurposed to do the job of much more expensive VR hardware.

Presenter Biographies

Johnny Lee

To understand Johnny Lee, just take a look at his personal Projects page. Aside from his Wii Remote hacks - voted the #1 tech demo of all time by Digg - you can see all the other places his mind has turned: typography, photography, urban renewal ... to say nothing of his interesting sideline in Little Great Ideas, like the hypnotic "___ will ___ you."

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Podcast viewing notes

"Something we often do, is to spend great resources to achieve certain capabilities." The opening words of this podcast are very much the focus: We don't have to spend spend spend; sometimes the solution is right at hand.

He shows in the podcast, two videos of his research, using the high performance infra-red camera each Wii-mote actually possesses.

First, he demonstrates how a wii-mote, can be set up on a desk or ceiling mounted, and pointed at an ordinary whiteboard. With an infra-red pen, the ordinary board becomes an interactive whiteboard - at less than 5% of the cost of buying the equipment.

Because the camera can track multiple infra-red LEDs, the exact same approach is used to create a multi-touch surface, for any application.

The second video shows how to use the Wii-mote for very cheap stereoscopy, using infra-red LED wired safety glasses for eye tracking.

Additional Research Links

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