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Will Never (Second Life)

The Will Never series each look at one virtual world administration, and things they say they will never do, or have discovered do not work, and will never do again. They make an interesting comparison between the major social VR experiences, and their relative levels of success.

  1. ...again engage in artificial creation incentives by offering hyped up benefits for creating items. This is because each and every previous attempt proved to be unsuccessful. It generated lots of PR, but no meaningful amounts of content.
  2. ...again pick out particular builds themselves ('Linden Picks') as places of must-see visitation, because this method does not work.
  3. ...intervene in complaints of neighbour activities, or rudeness by others. Instead, they try to give all users the tools to control their own experience.
  4. ...instate a resident parliament, but users are welcome to create one.
  5. ...employ methods to pull island owners closer into the fold. Instead, they will continue the drive towards making SL islands more and more independent.
  6. ...strive for more centralisation. In the future island owners will handle their own abuse reports.
  7. ...strive for a cohesive world-view. Currently APIs are in place to let island and oversize plot owners choose how new users should see the world.
  8. ...undervalue the power of neighbours and social pressure on the userbase.
  9. ...again go with volunteer worker programs. Things work when people do something because it motivates them specifically not because the company initiates it.
  10. ...attempt to maintain dominance on the platform. Eventually Linden Lab will not own all the SL servers. Theirs will be just one of many.
  11. ...require separate software clients for each and every server.
Second Life has had 6,000,000 visitors, in its first six years.
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