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The Simurgh is of Persian origins and is said to dwell within the mountains there, making its nest in the highest branches of the Tree of Knowledge. As with many mythical beings, it is the amalgamation on various creatures, possessing the body of a huge bird, its feathers being the colour and vibrancy of polished copper. Its head is that of a dog, while its talons are those of a vulture, and its tail that of the colourful peacock. The Simurgh is considered to be by far the most intelligent of all birds, said to be able to speak all languages, as well as knowing the events of the past, the present and the future.

The legend of the Simurgh tells of how a Simurgh saved Prince Zal, the infant son of King Siam. When the prince was born, his startling white hair led the king's advisors to believe he was a demon, and so the king had him sent to the mountains and left to die.

A passing Simurgh found the child while she was search for food for her own young, and carried him home with her to her nest, and raised him as her own. Due to the bird's massive array of knowledge, she was able to teach the young prince of all princely things, including history, geography, language, hunting and fighting, as well as a plethora of other subjects. Sometime later, when Zal was nearly grown, King Siam had a dream about him, and took this to mean that his son was still alive, and so began to search the mountains for him, begging forgiveness for his abandonment. Upon hearing him, the Simurgh reunited the two, and eventually Prince Zal became a great and wise ruler of his people.

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