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What is a MUSH?

In the simplest of terms, a MUSH is game. However, it is a game in which multiple users can connect and interact in real time. The game itself can be created from the raw mush server which provides the constructs from which a game can be built. MUSH is one of many types of MUDs derived from the original TinyMUD.

The name, TinyMUSH, was originally a play on words based on TinyMUD from which it was derived. MUSH is often mentioned as meaning Multi User Shared Hallucination as well.

The MUSH server acts as a host to which many players can connect via telnet or a client program to the game. There are numerous client programs available across almost every platform.

A MUSH is comprised of four main components:

1. Players
2. Rooms
3. Exits
4. Things

A Player is a Character create by you, the user. Characters are uniquely named objects which can connect to the game via a client or telnet as mentioned above. These characters are often similiar to a character you would play in an RPG. They can have descriptions, possessions, movitivations and anything else you can picture an RPG character having.
A Room is a chunk of the game world. It can be a tavern, a road, a mountain top, a dungeon or any other physical space. Rooms are the main areas in which Players and Things exist. These rooms have descriptions which convey what the room is and how it appears.

Exits are links between rooms which allow Players and sometimes Things to move between Rooms. Exits typically appear at the end of a room description in a list telling Players where they can go. For example, a Player may be standing on a street (a room) and see something like 'Tavern Door'. Typing Tavern Door would move the player into the Tavern (another Room).

Things are objects within a game. Things can be small pet animals, swords, tables, horses, or almost any other imaginable item. Typically the type Thing is used for objects which can be moved from location to location. However, they are often used just for mushcode for user commands and data.

MUSHes run the gamete in terms of what they are. Many MUSHes are games centered around a theme based on popular fiction or Role Playing Games. Others are used mostly for socialization or chat between players. The game administrators, or wizards, define what the game will be as they create it.

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