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VR Interfaces: Wii Wireless Keyboard


Overview of Wii Wireless Keyboard
Produced by Logitech, and endorsed by Nintendo, the Wii wireless keyboard is embossed with the Wii logo. It is about 2/3rds the width of a standard PC keyboard, yet contains the full alphabet, numbers and function keys. Some of the number and letter keys have even been coloured the same shade of blue worn on Wii's box and logos.

The unit is about an inch thick, the same as a laptop computer. It is less than half the weight of that, thou, and has no fan noise or overheating problems. It is essentially designed to be used in conjunction with the Wii?s web-browser, and for text-based communication, allowing natural input of typed commands, without the fiddleness of the wii-mote.

Admittedly, ever since Wii firmware update 3.1, the Wii is now compatible with any USB keyboard as well, but USB keyboards require wires, and wires in the living room are never a good idea. The wireless one on the other hand, utilises the Wii?s inbuilt Wi-Fi capabilities, keyboard operates under the 2.4GHz wireless standard, and will work happily up to 30 feet away, and pointed in a completely different direction.

Logitech have included a few Wii-specific navigational options which enhance browsing, including zoom in and out buttons, forward and back buttons, a quick button and an OK button. These mean the keyboard can completely replace the Wii-mote when position sensing is not required.

It uses two AA batteries for power, and a Wii-mote battery pack will fit if desired. If it is not used for about a minute, the keyboard automatically powers down, to conserve power. Keystrokes are still recorded when pressed, but there will be a short delay whilst the Wi-Fi is powered back up.

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