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VR Interfaces: Painted Circuitry: Vor-Ink


Overview of Painted Circuitry: Vor-Ink
The first low-cost commercial spray on / paint on functional circuitboards have arrived, in the form of start-up Vorbeck Materials. Overcoming the cost limitations on paint-on silver, their high conductivity, cheap to produce paint is based on graphene. It's not yet commercialised, but is well on its way.

Vorbeck Materials came into being three years ago, utilizing technology originally licensed from Princeton University, where three of Vorbeck?s founders were professors. Typically for such companies, the company was founded to commercialise discoveries that the university was otherwise not prepared to pursue.

Vor-ink itself, is literally what it sounds like; a graphene based solvent that can literally be painted onto a surface to form circuitry. You could evern grab a paintbrush and use it to paint a very large cicuitboard onto a wall, then attach devices to various ends, and providing the circuit was fully connected, it would function perfectly fine. At a more practical level, the ink allows freeform printing of the circuitry of credit cards and sark cards - or even circuit board labels - at a greatly reduced cost compared to normal materials; not to mention the possibility of using an average deskjet printer to do it.

In fact, even in thin coatings of 1 micron, Vor-ink maintains its rated conductiv

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