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VR Interfaces: X-Finger


Overview of X-Finger
Didrick Prosthetics, started by Dan Didrick, is the first prosthetics company to even attempt to tackle the immense job of making a prosthetic for a single finger. Not making a prosthetic arm, but simply the individual digits of the hand.

The X-finger, the company?s only product, currently retails for $10,000 US$ each piece, and does not rely on any form of robotics to articulate. It fits over the stub of an amputated finger, and the wearer simply pushes against a lever with the remaining portion of their finger, which sets the knuckles into motion.

The movement is not particularly natural ? it accelerates ahead of other fingers on the hand. However, it will grip strong enough to hold a ceramic mug steady, or a golf club for the swing. The X-fingers are also custom fabricated to the length desired by each patient, and fit inside a silicon sheath that makes them look natural at first glance.

The company is making these fingers at a rate of 45 every 100 days, and is actively seeking funding to develop the design further, reducing the fabrication cost, to allow greater penetration where it?s needed. On the stumps of people?s hands.

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