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VR Interfaces: Motus iClub


Overview of Motus iClub
The iClub is a 3D pointer of a sort. It does not work alone, but instead is designed to be fitted to a golf club. Once attached, it uses internal gyroscopes and accelerometers to track its own position and acceleration through 3D space, reporting that information to itself, for storage and later analysis.

Designed simply to be used in the great outdoors, to allow golfers to analyse their swing metrics for self-improvement, the iClub cannot rely on an external computer system during use, unlike most 3D pointers. Thus it has no external system to triangulate its position with. The result is a system that has evolved to calculate its own position with as low an error rate as possible.

The unit contains a compass in addition to the other sensors, so it orients itself according to magnetic north ? or as best as it can.

The gyroscope-accelerometer technique is not usually used on 3D pointers, because the sensors are inherently imprecise, and have a wide error margin. Motus seems to have gotten round the problem with multiple redundant sensors inside the unit, and utilising extensive hardware-based code to interpret the ?true? reading from them.

With hardware acceleration built into the unit, it is able to swiftly calculate its position, generating a new set of data every 30 milliseconds, or 33 times a second. This is swifter than the human ability to perceive delay.

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