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VR Interfaces: Cyber Coach


Overview of Cyber Coach
Cyber Coach is a dance mat game that has received something of a boost thanks to added augmented reality capabilities. It has become a sort of modern day example of what the schools of the near future could become.

The system is a combination of touch screen controls, expert system based training program, and dance pads. The standard installation includes a projector screen that is deployed down in front of a group, and shon onto by a digital projector connected to the system. There, a virtual training instructor goes through the paces of the dance or fitness routine intended for the group today. So far of course, it all sounds fairly average, but the touch screen unit is there for a purpose, and this is where cyber Coach differs from the other social dance systems.

The touch screen system enables without any other computers involved, participants to configure exactly which dance manoeuvres, of the type and set-up of the exercise program they are going to do today, including length, duration of any given session, areas of the body to work at, and quite a few more besides.

It is basically designed as a health and fitness system, targeted to schools and leisure centres, to take the place of an instructor who is ill or away for a given session, and to augment the sessions otherwise.

It has also taken the intelligent step of including augmented reality computer games for a group audience. Specifically, it includes space invaders, football, driving and reaction games. In all cases, it works by tracking the movement of the whole room, so all participants have to join in or the game will not function to its fullest potential. In other words, all participants have to wave their bodies the same way, move their hands - exercise - or the game cannot be played. In the case of Space Invaders, if the room contains 30 people and half lean to the ldeft, half lean to the right… the ship will just waggle in the middle of the screen.

Thus, it teaches teamwork as well as workout.

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