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VR Interfaces: Alcyone Bodyscanners


Overview of Alcyone Bodyscanners
The Alcyone type scanner is a new technology being created by GE Healthcare. It's actually in several of their medical scanners not just one, specifically in the the Discovery NM 530c and the Discovery NM/CT 570c.

Both are nuclear cardiology scanners, and the 530c is pictured above. The key is in the time it takes to scan. Normally 20 minutes of continuous exposure to the radioactive source is required to build up a layer by layer picture. The Alcyones can reduce that to just five minutes - one quarter of the time, and without increasing exposure.

The improvement comes about through narrower, focused pin-hole collimation, and what is in essence, a VR dedicated minicomputer built into the unit. In real-time, the unit builds up a 3D picture of the body being scanned, using hardware accelerated software algorithms to digitally enhance the image and piece together how segments should join.

Greater image quality going in, full 3D dynamic data streaming out.

As an added bonus, both Discovery units have managed to achieve no moving parts in the scan head. With practically zero equipment movement to worry about, this technology is worth keeping an eye on, as it is heading down the path towards walk in - walk out diagnostic scanning.

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