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World Review: Planet Virtu
Main Review

Compatible with Operating Systems:
Win 98se Win XP Win 2K

World Status: Operational

World Purpose: Social, Dreamworld

Age Suitability: Anyone


Planet Virtu?l is an ActiveWorlds based environment. It runs off of what ActiveWorlds call a galaxy server. This means it consists of a single large virtual environment with its own, separate client, something highly unusual for the ActiveWorlds codebase.

Primarily a 3D modelling and 3D chat world, Planet Virtu?l feels like a peaceful hamlet from the outset. The land is in abundant supply, whilst the buildings cluster together around the community hub. A flat green plain stretches out in all directions, upon which all inhabitants are permitted to erect structures from a wide variety of objects available. The only requirement is a piece of open land to create your work upon.

View from a pier

The World in Brief

Land is in abundant supply. Even at the central hub, a place called 'VooDoo City' where all new arrivals disembark, the buildings are low and humble with wide spaces between them. This does not feel like a cluttered metropolis, and there is no buzz of activity in the air.

Further out, inhabitants have built grander structures, but again, the space around them is open, abundant and available.

Most of the buildings are kept simple yet elegant, modelled to a high standard. The number of polygons is always kept to a minimum, which goes a long way towards explaining the predominance of single-storey buildings. In fact, things are so tightly optimised that it is possible to turn the viewable area settings up to a maximum of 200 metres in all directions, and still navigate new areas on a dial-up connection with no slow down.

Country Stream

The community is fairly tightly focussed, with the many wonderful builds kept current by an administration which prines the constructs of expired member accounts. Thus, prime land rarely becomes filled indefinitely, and the community hub is in a slow, yet constant state of flux.

Rarely are your attempts at construction marred by interruptions from other people, unless you deliberately seek them out. Most of the time you are left to create in peace, or analyse existing builds, pulling apart the simple scripting language used, to recreate the more interactive effects.


Sub Reviews

Here at Virtual Worldlets, we look at all worlds, whether for entertainment, training, medicare, industry or military use. Thus, we have the situation where different uses judge by different criteria. Below are a series of sub-reviews, each tailored to a different aspect of the world.

For some, its the thrill of discovery, the freedom to strike out, to pioneer. Whether its mapping new lands, or exploring unknown fields of endeavour, to be first, to boldly go, this is what explorers live for.

Planet Virtu?l is just over 54 kilometres on a side. This gives it a total surface area of over 4.1 million square kilometres, most of which are wide open for content.

Whilst the land is wide open for building and exploration, there are no terrain features on the land aside from the buildings that have been put up thus far. This means wandering over large areas of unbuilt land can be exceedingly monotonous.

Open Space

However, this is a very young world, and with the expanse of available space, as it expands there will be more and more to keep explorers busy.


The social life is the life for you. To chat, to roam, to gossip all day, and chatter all night. You are the heart of the party, and you are the soul. The drive to chatter, the need to gossip, stretching out, making connections, mind against mind, heart against heart. It keeps you going, it keeps you sane.

Planet Virtu?l?s social life comes in dribs and drabs. There seem to be set times of the day when most people log in, and suggests that the majority is from one geographic area. That said, the populace is largely welcoming and friendly, mostly accepting of differing customs and views.

Of the hundred or so registered subscribers, only about a dozen were encountered during the course of this review. However, that is not to say they are necessarily not about. The world?s policy of removing constructs made by expired accounts itself suggests many are still around simply by the sheer number of the constructs ? although there is no limit to the number of such constructs any individual may create.

Nevertheless, social times compress into a few short hours each day, although this may change as this world is public for longer.

Mountain Ranch



A small community hamlet, nestled away from the more frequently trodden paths> This world is populated by those who seek a family community, in an environment with a low polygon count, and simplicity with integrity.


Rating 55.5 / 100
Newbie Friendliness
/ 15
Community Values
/ 15
/ 15
/ 15
/ 10
Automated help
/ 10
Code Integrity
/ 10
/ 10

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Client OS:Win 2K, Win 98, Win 2K, Win 2K

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