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World Review: Larkinor
Main Review

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MacOS Win 98 Win 98se Win 2K Win XP

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Larkinor is a strange place, almost a chameleon. It is a web-based browser game, same as a thousand others. Only difference is, it is doing its level best to immitate something decidedly more than a game ? it is trying to be a MUD.

Larkinor offers a unique take on the concept of MUDding, for it is not real-time. Instead, it is turn-based, using a series of ?clicks? given out on a daily basis. Each of these clicks corresponds to one mouse click ? and everything is mouse driven.

The World in Brief

Moving from room to room requires a mouse click on an exit arrow, engaging an enemy in combat requires a mouse click. Casting a spell or swinging a weapon requires another. You are given 800 clicks a day, which equates to about a half-hour of playing, which is certainly a good way to encourage dependency without creating obsessive playing.

Turn-based has some surprising advantages to a MUD. When attacking an enemy, there is no rogue timer to worry about. Your enemy will sit there, and sit there, waiting for your next mouse click, even if that comes three hours later ? log off, log back on, and it is still sitting there, waiting.

Conversely, Larkinor is not a collaborative environment ? the actions of one player have almost no effect on the actions of others. Although everyone shares the same world, and there are no shards, there is no way to talk to other players except via the forum. All you can do, is steam and rob. Attempt to steam from a player passing by, attempt to rob their house ? and deal with whichever traps that house has in place, and steal a balloon from them.

There is only one balloon in the world, and its position is constantly tracked. Whoever manages to take it, and hold on to it for 10 clicks or more, wins rewards. However, since information does not update until you click again ? you can never really be sure if you have the balloon or not.

Larkinor is a tiny world with less than 500 locations. However, it makes up for this, with the quests it runs. They are simple, and possibly a little silly, but all involve specially designed areas created only for that quest ? and there are thousands of them. The simplicity of design of the environment allows for new areas to be produced very quickly, and so there is a multitude ? each with specific creatures, items and puzzles for the players to deal with.


Sub Reviews

Here at Virtual Worldlets, we look at all worlds, whether for entertainment, training, medicare, industry or military use. Thus, we have the situation where different uses judge by different criteria. Below are a series of sub-reviews, each tailored to a different aspect of the world.

For some, its the thrill of discovery, the freedom to strike out, to pioneer. Whether its mapping new lands, or exploring unknown fields of endeavour, to be first, to boldly go, this is what explorers live for.

Larkinor is a small world, with less than 500 rooms in total, for the normal island. However, it does have countless mini-quests, each with their own separate areas, and these can be as large, or larger than the main play area, possibly ramping the size up to a few tes of thousands of locations.

Overall, exploration is humourous, and you will always find the monsters in an area, are appropriate to the terrain - with plenty of description of what they are up to. Humour is also evident in the landscapes themselves - one instance of a toilet, with an open bear-trap attached to the seat springs readilly to mind.


Work, work work. Everybody... You have this burning desire to succeed, to achieve renown, to be the best in whatever field you set your sights to. No matter what, you must be the best... What will you be? A powerful warlord? The leader of a town? You're ambitious, and crave power? This section is for you.

With thousands of quests, and hundreds of monsters, levels streaming off without end. You have the standard experience mill, and you have skills, each one of which has its own experience treadmill, which you gain on by using them. Likewise, all the spells have individual levels, and the elements have an experience treadmill of their own - Earth, water, wind, fire, each can be pumped up with enough funds, and requitres real work to increase.

Players can also choose how they appear to other players, in a sliding scale from 'shy' to 'god' thou the higher it is, the more likely players are to try to steal from you.


You get your fun through fighting, killing, pillaging and pilfering. From despicable thieves, through sneaky assassins, great military generals, and noble knights, you love to kill, you live to kill.

The focus of Larkinor is on killing, and doing so in the tens of thousands. However, the AI is not very smart, and would get repetitive if not for the sheer variety of monsters thrown at you, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

There is no PvP option, beyond stealing and robbing, which is a real shame, although understandable given the interface LArkinor uses.



A somewhat weird world - a browser-based, non real-time with real-time emulation worldlet. Proof that you can create aan enjoyable virtual gameworld with all the fun of the original MUDs, with JavaScript alone.

Larkinor is a humour-filled take on the old telnet world, and does quite well overall. The only caveat is, it has no gender selection - you can choose male or female avatars, but it always refers to you as he.

That said, this is a fun little creation, that is filled with ideas for bigger, and more immersive world creators.


Rating 68.5 / 100
Newbie Friendliness
/ 15
Community Values
/ 15
/ 15
/ 15
/ 10
Automated help
/ 10
Code Integrity
/ 10
/ 10

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