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Resource List: The Home Fabrication Revolution
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Resource List:  The Home Fabrication Revolution
The age of cheap, home fabrication and rapid prototyping without any requirement for dedicated facilities, may finally be dawning upon us. A cheap, self-assembly unit, costing little more than a new PC, was developed at the very start of 2007. Here, we chart its progress, and see if the revolution is truly revolutionary.

Creating any 3D shape by by depositing layer upon layer of liquid or powdered material in bonding slices ? sort of like a CAT scan in reverse ? these units enable almost any item to be manufactured, to almost any shape, with next to no material wastage, and without the need for dedicated cutting and shaping machinery

Locally Hosted resource 10/01/2007) Home-Use desktop 3D Fabricator debuts

Its the start of 2007, and the fab@Home team, a project of Hod Lipson and Evan Malone from Carnegie Mellon University in the US, drastically drops the price of a commercial-quality 3D printer / fabricator from a previous price ranger of anywhere from $20,000 to $1.5 million, down to just $2400, the price of a home PC. It is now just a case of waiting to see if the revolution takes off.

Locally Hosted resource 16/03/2007) Home 3D Printing: The movement Starts

Two months on from inception, we take a look at the state of home fabrication systems, and see what progress, if any, has been made.

Locally Hosted resource 20/04/2007) Modified ink printer churns out electronic circuits

In a spin to the story of the home fabrication revolution, a standard ink and paper printer, and not a 3D printer, has been used to provide the next stage ? cheaply printed electronic logic circuits.