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Plot Basics Three

One night, The MCP catches one of Flynn's computer programs, Clu, poking around in highly sensitive memory areas. After sending a hoard of recogniser units against the tank program, MCP captures clu. Clu, seen in cyber-form, resembles his creator in facial features ? a humanoid whose body apart from face and hands, is a mash of glowing lights and edges.

MCP interrogates the program, and ultimately subjects him to de-resolution, the program equivalent of ultimate death, where the program is literally ripped apart, and deleted.

After the pyrotechnic death, MCP turns to the physical world, and summons Dillinger to him. MCP has had enough of Flynn poking around, and wants him dealt with. As the company is nominally human controlled, MCP needs Dillinger for this, and Dillinger orders the termination of all access passes at the same level as the break-in, company wide. He does this eagerly as MCP threatens to make his stealing of Flynn?s old games public, if he does not.

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