The Hero's Quest

After blowing a hole in the gamegrid, by forcing an enemy lightcycle to crash into it, Flynn, Ram, and Tron escape the gamegrid, disappearing into memory canyons, as tank programs and recognisers are sent after them. Ram dies in a barrage from three tank programs, just as Flynn?s memory starts to come back enough, that he remembers his hacking skills. On that side of the screen, what he did at the keyboard before, is just a matter of concentration and gestures now.

Tron goes one way, Flynn another. Yet, their paths continue to cross, as Flynn regains more and more knowledge, and Tron gets ever closer to the MCP. MCP begins to realise its fundamental flaw: What was just a hacking user, issuing instructions from afar, has become a living god, once human constraints and reaction speeds are taken out of the equation.

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Images: Disney Corporation,
Text: Virtual Worldlets Network, all rights reserved.