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Resource List: 2007 Timeline: Augmented Reality Breakthroughs
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Resource List:  2007 Timeline: Augmented Reality Breakthroughs
Taking a look at some of the truly revolutionary developments in Augmented Reality systems occurring in 2007.

Locally Hosted resource February: Interactive Advertisements cause Driving Accidents?

The story of the war between Minneapolis, and Clear Channel Inc, over two massive, digital screens hung above one of the Motorways, which display bright, eye-grabbing advertisements, that might very well cause the significant number of collisions immediately after them. Not a good harbringer for Augmented Reality's interactive advertisements.

Locally Hosted resource March: Underground GPS

Global positioning is an essential tool these days, and a basic requirement for any pervasive sensor web, which is required for augmented reality systems.

Most GPS signals travel up to satellites, where they are triangulated, and beamed back. This uses significant latency. Stratellite systems are better, where giant, unmanned airships hover in the sky at less than half the height of a satellite, producing half the signal lag. This however, still cannot penetrate buildings, or allow GPS to be used underground, or in tunnels. Thast all changed, in March.

Locally Hosted resource March: Augmented Vision Cops

Beat officers, pounding the streets in the UK, have unleashed a new, AR-inspired weapon on the war on crime.

A great many of them, will now be equipped with helmet-mounted cameras, highly visible, and recording everything they see, day or night. They will record images of violent or anti-social behaviour, which will be admissible in court, returning to the days when a bobby?s word was believed.

Locally Hosted resource May: Breakthrough in real-time Face & Feature Tracking Technology

Genemation Ltd, a vision technology company, licensing 3D ?face synthesis? and 3D head character modelling tools, announced advances in its facial computer vision technology will open up real-time facial feature tracking.

Locally Hosted resource May: Augmented reality device helps multiple sclerosis patients walk

Researchers from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel crafted a wearable augmented reality immersion apparatus designed to provide patients suffering from balance disorders with supplemental auditory and visual information to restore normal gait. The device combines several components, each separately wearable, that form the whole device.

Locally Hosted resource May: HP Labs gives a peek at its location-based interactive software

Hewlett-Packard gave the public a chance to try out an open beta of of Mscapes, a suite of software applications that let anyone create interactive location-based (augmented reality) games or tours.

Locally Hosted resource May: Microvision to develop HUDs for U.S. Navy

Microvision, a wearable display manufacturer, secured $3,200,000 to create lightweight HUDs for individual use for the US Navy, designed to be as lightweight as possible, waterproof, and still full colour, real-time augmented reality.

Locally Hosted resource May: Unmanned Laser Surveillance is Millimetre Perfect

A team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, US, created a laser-based surveillance system that can automatically detect millimetre-scale changes to a scene.

Locally Hosted resource June: Pendulum Links Virtual Reality To Real System

Vadas Gintautas and Alfred Habler of the Center for Complex Systems Research at the University of Illinios became the first to create a truly linked and synched virtual/physical system. They connected a physical pendulum with a virtual version that moved under time-tested equations of motion. To get the two pendulums to communicate, the physicists fed data about the physical pendulum to the virtual one, and transferred information from the virtual pendulum to a motor that influenced the motion of the physical pendulum.

Locally Hosted resource August: Gartner Research issues Report on VR & AR

Gartner releases its report on the shape of AR for the next five years.

Locally Hosted resource August: Mixed Reality Sculpture brings Tron to Life

A project developed as part of Interactivos 2007, in Madrid, Spain, attempted to literally merge physical and virtual objects as an art project.

Locally Hosted resource August: Augmented Conferencing

A vast conference hall, brimming with people spans out before you. Thousands of people in hundreds of groups. Whom do you approach?

You simply tap a computer display on the wall which instantly flashes up a map of what discussions are taking place in the room, and of who is involved. You tap again on a hot discussion and a robot leads the way, allowing you to bypass the conference bore.

At least, according to BT.

Locally Hosted resource September: Head-Mounted Haptic Antennae

Researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan invented a head mounted haptic sensor.

Locally Hosted resource October: Wrist sensor lets you conduct a virtual orchestra

An augmented-reality system unveiled by Dominik Schmidt of the Ludwig Maximilian University and Bernd Br?gge at the Technical University, in Munich Germany, has been designed to let anyone be a literal armchair conductor.