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Resource List: MAHRU
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Resource List:  MAHRU
The Mahru/Ahra series of robots have been developed by KIST - the Korean Institute of Science and Technology ? since 2005. The name has a similar root to the difference between 'android', and 'gynoid'. In this case, Mahru refers to a male robot, and Ahra to a female robot. The gender differences are used to drive interaction and vocal differences between the two robot types. Otherwise they are quite similar.

KIST use these definitions in each robot they create. Different generations are differentiated between by the letters
after the Mahru or Ahra prefix. For example Mahru-M, or Mahru-R.

These are what KIST refers to as 'network based humanoids'. This means that most of the actual processing does not occur in the robot body, but on external computer systems, networked together with the robot receiving a continual wireless data feed.

This novel approach means that the robots can be controlled by remote servers, and one-day, directly by humans, located elsewhere through the net.

Locally Hosted resource Dictionary: Network Based Humanoid

Locally Hosted resource Resource List: Ahra

A resource list containing resources that discuss Ahra, Mahru's more feminine and demure companion robot series.

Locally Hosted resource VR Interfaces: Mahru-M

Mahru-M was never designed to be a truly functional home help robot, but rather a steppi8ng stone towards the creation of one, which the research team hoped to achieve by 2018. Mahru moved at a glacial pace, but possessed then-revolutionary machine vision skills, that were capable of identifying items in three dimensional space through use of stereoscopic vision, the same as humans.

Locally Hosted resource VR Interfaces: Mahru-R

Like all of the Mahru series, Mahru-R was developed by KIST - the Korean Institute of Science and Technology. Moving on from the extremely slow moving Mahru-M, the R robot was an attempt to fully master walking. Up until the R, all versions of Mahru used linear polynomials to guide their walking process.

Locally Hosted resource VR Interfaces: Mahru-Z

Like all of the Mahru series, Mahru-Z was developed by KIST - the Korean Institute of Science and Technology. This version is the first to finally be potentially ready to serve as a service robot in a home. Albeit a very, very slow home.