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David Levy is a long-known and recognised expert on artificial intelligence. In 2006 he became the first person ever to present papers on intimate relationships with robotic partners at an international conference.

Drawing on that controversial paper, and expanding it to its logical conclusion, the book ? Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships? explores every level of human relationship with robots, and robot-like creatures, arguing in favour of intimate relationships with robots ? and likely commonplace within a lifetime.

Using examples drawn from around the world, David Levy shows how automata have evolved from the golem-like creatures and mechanical marvels of centuries past to the electronic androids of the modern age, and how human interactions with technology have changed over the years.

The aspects of human relationships are deeply explored, showing how the reasons we fall in love actually work, and how we form love attachments to animals and virtual pets.

Well argued, and frequently humorous, the book reaches as far back as the literary stories of Pygmalion falling for his chiselled Galatea, and Dr. Frankenstein?s monster. It examines teledildonics, and the filling of carnal desires through robotic means ? remote controlled vibrators, blow up dolls, and orgasmatrons.

Synthesising cutting-edge research in robotics with the cultural history and psychology of artificial intelligence, Love and Sex with Robots presents a convincing argument, right the way through.

Anyone reading the book with an open mind will find a wealth of fascinating material on this important new direction of intimate relationships, a direction that, before long, will be regarded as perfectly normal.


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