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The proceedings of the third Modelling and Simulation conference IASTED (International Association of Science and TEchnology for Development) ran, back in 2004. The 181 papers within, cover the following topics:

 Modelling,
 Power and Energy Systems,
 Modelling and Simulation Methodologies and Applications,
 Artificial Life and Biological Applications,
 Communication Systems and Networks,
 Simulation,
 Robotics and Manufacturing,
 Algorithms And Optimization.

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Full Paper List:

Emerging Semantics in Distributed Parameter Systems
A.D. Bogobowicz (Canada)

PSI: The Component based Services for Ubiquitous Computing
K. Shibuya (Japan)

Fuzzy Availability Modeling of a Semi-Markovian Deteriorating System
A.K. Verma, A. Srividya, and R.P. Gaonkar (India)

Modeling of a Nonlinear Synthetic Jet Actuator
O. Rediniotis, S. Lin, U.I. Ukpai, and S.-G. Wang (USA)

Modeling Influential Correlated Noise Sources in Multivariate Dynamic Systems
Y. Tanokura and G. Kitagawa (Japan)

The Land Forces Equipment Support Model
T. Howe and J.Y. Ruwanpura (Canada)

Empirical Discrete Distributions in Queueing Models
E.M. Jewkes and A.S. Alfa (Canada)

Performance-based Characterization of Fault Tolerant Embedded Electric Applications by Means of Stochastic HLPN Models
L. Capra (Italy)

Modeling for Game between Urbanization and Epidemic Control
B. Qu (PRC)

Modeling for Adaptive Wavelet Network Parameter Learning using Genetic Algorithms
C.-G. Lim, K.C. Kim, and E.-K. Kim (Korea)

Non Parametric Fuzzy Modeling of Belief Functions in Evidence Theory
M. Arif, T. Brouard, and N. Vincent (France)

On Identification of Autoregressive Model with a Lag
A.V. Prasolov (USA)

Locality Measured by Contour Patterns: A Topographic Model
C. Lupu (Romania)

A Comprehensive Approach to Optimal Step Simulation of Electromagnetic-Transients Behavior of Large HVdc
B. Zohouri Zangeneh and A. Shoulaie (Iran)

Croatian Electricity Market Model in European Environment
Andročec and A. Vi?ković (Croatia)

Dynamic Equivalent of a Multimachine Thermal Power Plant under Island Operation
A. Vi?ković and I. Andročec (Croatia)

Object-oriented Model for Shadow Price Determination in Electricity Markets
P. Chand and L.F. Sugianto (Australia)

Optimization of Trigeneration Plant with Heating and Cooling Energy Storages Operation
D. Franković, A. Vi?ković, and G. Gudac (Croatia)

An Assessment of Turbulence Models for Strongly Heated Internal Gas Flows
A.H. Richards, R.E. Spall, and D.M. McEligot (USA)

Symbolically Assisted Method for Phase-domain Modelling of a Synchronous Machine
E.V. Solodovnik and R.A. Dougal (USA)

Decomposition of Wheeling Prices for Congestion Management in Power Systems
R. Li, L. Chen, and R. Yokoyama (Japan)

Inlet Sub-cooling and Heat Load Effect on the Flow of Caractestics in a Channel System with any Orientation
G.D. Ngoma (Canada)

New Tool for Optimization of Integrated Energy Service Systems
B.H. Bakken and A.T. Holen (Norway)

Compile-time Simulation for Low-Power Optimization using SystemC
A. Jones, X. Tang, and P. Banerjee (USA)

A New C2 Rational Interpolating Model and Its Applications
Q. Duan, S. Ma, X. Duan (PRC), and E.H. Twizell (UK)

A Weighted Rational Interpolation Model and Its Applications
S. Ma, Q. Duan, X. Duan, and L. Wang (PRC)

Geometric Simulation of Material Weight Resistance in Cable Shovel Loading
K. Awuah-Offei and S. Frimpong (Canada)

Database Access in SIMSCRIPT II.5
S.V. Rice (USA)

A Database Application for Manufacturing Simulation System Integration
Y. Luo and Y.T. Lee (USA)

Effect of Grid Spacing on the Prediction of Bank Erosion in a Large Braided Alluvial River
M. Mamum and M. Islam (Bangladesh)

Two-Handed Interaction Inspired by Tangible Interfaces in 3D Modelling
P. Vandoren, C. Raymaekers, K. Coninx, and T. De Weyer (Belgium)

Comparing 3D Models through View Morphing Simulation
H. Gotoda (Japan)

Enhancements to a Methodology for Simulations of Perturbed Planetary Rings
M.C. Lewis and G.R. Stewart (USA)

Two-Dimensional Sketch-based Finite Element Analysis
M.E. Phair, T.C. Hutchinson, and F. Kuester (USA)

Modeling and Physical Simulation of the Ground Articulating Pipeline System
S. Frimpong and Y. Li (Canada)

High Level Representations for Markov Analysis of Complex Dynamic Systems
M. Bouissou and S. Muffat (France)

Pattern Generation on a Spherical Solid Surface
J. Doi and T. Miyake (Japan)

Physical Testing Versus FEA for a Space Frame
A. Minter, E. Chedid, B. Jawad, and C. Riedel (USA)

Learning and Training
The Design of Collaborative Learning in Ubiquitous Environment
K. Shibuya (Japan)

An Application of the Agent-based Simulation for Disbributed Team Training
X. Yu, B. Ram, D. Mountjoy, and J. Russell (USA)

Viewing Animations Enhances Efficient Distribution Strategies for Preschoolers
Y. Yamana and T. Inoue (Japan)

Modeling First-Responder Emergency Sensors for Virtual Training
A.J. Berry and M.G. Hilgers (USA)

Modeling Chemical Events within Complex Buildings for First Responder Virtual Training
A. Misra, A. Decker, B. Barker, and M.G. Hilgers (USA)

Artificial Life and Biological Applications
Predicting the Forces in a Neck Injury Caused by an Underwater Collision
M. Ziejewski , Z. Kou, and M. Stewart (USA)

Stress Alterations in Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty: A Microstructural Finite-Element Study
T.S. Keller and V. Kosmopoulos (USA)

Parameter Estimation for the Simulation of Biochemical Pathways
S. Kimura, M. Hatakeyama, T. Kawasaki, T. Naka, and A. Konagaya (Japan)

Modeling and Simulation of Lumbar Spine Dynamics
A.H. Kassem, A. Sameh (Egypt), and T.S. Keller (USA)

Simulating the Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis Procedure during Cataract Surgery
R. Webster, J. Sasanni, R. Shenk, and G. Zoppetti (USA)

Evolution of Pleasure System in Zamin Artificial World
R. Halavati, S.H. Zadeh, and S.B. Shouraki (Iran)

A Semi Blind Motion Track and Correction Iterative Algorithm for MRI Applications
M. Mahmoud (USA)

Communication Systems and Networks
On the Analysis of Frequency-Hopped Multiple-Access Communication with Noncoherent OFDM-ASK in AWGN Channels
A. Al-Dweik (UAE) and M.M. Abu-Rajab (USA)

Modeling a Supercontinuum Source for 20-Channel WDM Applications
S.V. Kartalopoulos and M. Bouhiyate (USA)

Air Traffic Control Communications Implications of Reconfigurable Airspace Boundaries
M. Jenkis, D. Lamiano, L. Monticone, and M. Nguyen (USA)

Linear Precoder and Decoder with Extrapolated MIMO Channel Fading Envelope
S. Narieda and K. Yamashita (Japan)

Modeling the Energy Consumption of MAC Schemes in Wireless Cluster-based Sensor Networks
J. Li and G.Y. Lazarou (USA)

Improving the Accuracy of Random Waypoint Simulations through Steady-state Initialization
W. Navidi, T. Camp, and N. Bauer (USA)

Wireless Distributed System for Data Acquisition and Control
V.-M. Panait, M.-C. Mircea, T. Pircalabu, and N. Tapus (Romania)

Simulation Study of Schooling Motion of Fish based on Two Observed Motions: Approaching Motion and Parallel Orientating Motion
Y. Inada, K. Kawachi, and H. Liu (Japan)

Simulation Techniques for Reliability Evaluation ? A Case Study
A. Srividya and K. Shantharaju (India)

Simulation-based Decision Support for the Logistics of Maritime Emergency Management
A. Orsoni (UK)

Symbolic CAD Tool for Nonlinear Controllers based on Feedback Linearization Technique
S. Blais, A. Kaddouri, S. Aucoin, M. Ghribi, and O. Akhrif (Canada)

Hierarchical Models for Intelligent Reconfigurable Simulation
T. Niculiu, M. Ciuc (Romania), and S. Cotofana (The Netherlands)

An Interactive User Interface to the Mobility Object Manager for RWI Robots
I. Okoloko and H. Hu (UK)

Street ? Smart Bots
V. Selman, R.C. Selman, J. Selman, and E. Selman (USA)

Simulation-based Scheduling in Automotive Industry
P. Solding, K.M. Andersson, and L.J. de Vin (Sweden)

R.A.M.S. Analysis in a Sintering Plant by the Employment of a New Reliability Allocation Method
D. Falcone, F. De Felice, G. Di Bona, and A. Silvestri (Italy)

Simulation of Groove Grinding and Wheel Dressing using Dual Resolution Voxel Model
Y.C. Chen (USA)

Modular Modelling and Construction of Finite Simulation in MORM
A. Besrour and D. Buchs (Switzerland)
A Bond Graph Model of Bilateral Master-Slave Telemanipulation
K. Iqbal and A.M. Mughal (USA)

Impedance Control of Space Robot
P.M. Pathak, A. Mukerjee, and A. Dasgupta (India)

Optimal Operating Policy for a Multipurpose Reservoir using Genetic Algorithm
A.K. Sarma and J.A. Ahmed (India)

Efficient Approximation of Multiplexed Voice Traffic
O. Gusak, N. Oliver, and K. Sohraby (USA)

A Singular Square Root Filter Algorithm for Large Scale Data Assimilation
O. Barrero M. and B.L.R. De Moor (Belgium)

An Application of Multiobjective Optimization under Uncertainty
F. Szidarovszky, A. Eskandari, and J. Zhao (USA)

A Novel Algorithm for Skin-tone Color Filtering in Color Images
L. Chen and C. Grecos (UK)

A Comparative Study of Alternate Scan Techniques in Horizon-Scan
P. Chand and L.F. Sugianto (Australia)

Simulation of the Performance of an Extra-low Fuel Consumption Vehicle
P. de Figueiredo Vieira Carvalheira (Portugal)

Transmission System Simulation of an Extra-Low Fuel Consumption Vehicle
F.L.V. de Castro, R.F. da Rocha Teixeira, and P.de Figueiredo Vieira Carvalheira (Portugal)

MultiQ: A Multi-tier Multi-list based Priority Queue Structure For Stochastic Discrete Event Simulation
R.S.M. Goh and I.L.-J. Thng (Singapore)

A New Method for a Fast Detection and Seamless Restoration of Line Scratches in Motion Pictures
S. Milady (Germany) and S. Kasaei (Iran)

A Novel Optimized Subdivision Algorithm for Modeling and Animation
M.H. El-Zahar, F.M. Ghaleb, H.K. Hussein, and Y.M. Abd El-Latif (Egypt)

On Fairness of Scheduling Algorithms for Delay-Critical MultimediaTraffic over the Internet
T. Bayle, R. Aibara, and K. Nishimura (Japan)

A Computational Algorithm for Efficient Simulation of Round-Robin Service
C. Finley, J.R. Ramos, V. Rego, and J. Sang (USA)

Granularity and Complexity in Parallel Systems
M. Maliţa (USA) and G. Ştefan (Romaina)

Simulation of Machine Breakdowns in a Pull Production System Operated by Various Control Mechanisms
N. Selvaraj, C.S.P. Rao, and T.A. Janardhan Reddy (India)

Efficient Counterexample Generation in NuSMV for Solving Push-Push Game
G. Kwon (Korea)


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