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After photographer Eadweard Muybridge created his revolutionary photographs of animals in motion in the late 1890s, he turned his attention to the study of the human form, by taking detailed photographs in rapid succession step by step as the human body underwent all manner of daily activities. These photographs have served for over a century, as the most highly acclaimed reference point for animators.

Both male and female models were used, each completely naked, showcasting muscle movement, body shifting, and natural drape for each and every task performed. This timeless reference has earned high praise from movie animation, with Walt Disney referring to it as essential. For 3D animation, it is no less useful, with photographs showing body position from side on, from behind, and front on, accurate enough that the photos can be put together in a rotoscope, and the animation is believable.

Rather than struggling to recreate human, or humanoid form from scratch, this book, and the other variants upon it, exist to make the task as easy as possible. Examples of the type of content found include: men shouldering rifles, women walking up stairs, men playing baseball, a little kid crawling, people of both genders with varying disabilities walking, people of both genders carrying objects in different ways, tumbling, dressing, undressing, hopping on one foot, dancing and so much more.

This version of the book is more of a booklet than an actual book. Its a thin 50 page intro basically to the CD, which holds the meat - digital versions of Muybridge's photographs.


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