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This tome is, as the4 title suggests, more of an overview for the subject than a detailed how-to. It covers everything from the very basics of computerised model animation, right through rigging and boning, on to timing and lighting ? but it does so without going into painstaking detail on any one topic.

It?s ideal as an introduction to computer generated imagery, running the gambit holistically, but has no real meat on its bones for seasoned professionals. Bright, colourful, cheery with no long blocks of uninterrupted text, it is very much a first stage book, and outstanding at what it does ? lay down the basics.

As well as the basics of animation, it dives into the passive VR side of things ? CGI effects in films. It runs through - storyboards, special effects and the use of various specialist software. Three major motion pictures are included in this format, showing how the pros did it: ?Final Fantasy Spirits Within?, ?Monsters Inc?, and ?Shrek?.


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