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The concept of net neutrality is familiar to most of you reading this. The founding principle of the web, that anything that occurs on the internet is outside of national laws, is not to be priced by teerage, as not to be banned wholesale from one country or another, by the actions of a minority ? it is neutral, a repository of information. It is up to individuals to decide how they use it.

This fundamental of the web is continually under attack by one country or another, and many are fighting to keep the net neutral.

This tome lays out how the internet of the near future will look if trends continue as they are, and shows how the internet of the past would have looked had individuals not acted to stop other similar attempts. It shows how things tend to move towards a dystopia if there is too much control, and why it is imperative that sites and firms with user generated content, must regulate themselves, and not be held accountable for user uploaded content, if they show they are capable of self-regulation.

It is an essential read if you are hosting any kind of online community, and/or content.


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