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Site Shop > Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk & Postmodern Science Fiction

Storming the Reality Studio has been contributed to by many of the top authors of cyberpunk fiction ? or dystopian prophecy, as has often been the case. It is a mix of short stories, excerpts from larger, notable cyberpunk works, and non-fiction essays on the directions of technology and life, following cyberpunk memes, by those same authors. All in all, over 40 visionary minds have contributed to this book.

It starts out with a paraphrased quote from the matrix ?The Desert of the Real?, and Larry McCaffrey?s introduction, explaining how cyberpunk has so greatly influenced modern culture, and how technologically we often find ourselves following the cyberpunk predictions rather closely. Going on to explain the controversial history of cyberpunk, and the forces that have helped shape it down the years, moving on to complex topics like life, death, SimStim, substrate chauvinism, and many, many more, all of which are discussed in greater detail throughout the book. It even excerpts from William Gibson?s Neuromancer ? the book most often believed to be the start of cyberpunk.

All in all, this collection offers provocative thoughts on cyberpunk, and all its associated concepts ? nature of self, vr, ar, sensor web, robotics, AI, and so many more. Many short stories are presented in their entirety, and the essays that accompany each, really do make you think. If you like cyberpunk, or are wondering what all the fuss is about, this is the book to get you started, or find new spins on the tales you already love so dear.


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