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Site Shop > The End of Hardware: A Novel Approach to Augmented Reality

Whilst there is no question that this is a very good book, the title is misleading in two ways. Firstly, it is not about the end of hardware as such, but about one size fits all ? one piece of hardware on the user?s end of things ? telecomms infrastructure and remote server hardware remain intact. The one piece of hardware is a personal computing unit about the size of modern video eyewear, but with substantially more processing and computing power ? half the book is dedicated to how to build it.

The other misleading aspect is that the book is about both augmented reality and virtual reality. It switches between the two almost interchangeably.

This is not a tome that concerns itself with current hardware; rather this is a very grounded futurist?s book that concerns itself with near future technology, and how we could bring it into being, along with many profitable incentives for doing so.


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