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This book is basically a combined encyclopaedia of design from four HCI experts, on how to design three dimensional user interfaces, where the depth axis is suddenly critically important. They build on existing 2D paradigms, but recognise that some ? like WIMP ? are almost totally destabilised by the third axis, and to remain usable, require new creative ways of thinking, on the part of the designer, lest the user be forced to think creatively to use it ? draining their productivity.

Many people already have seen 3D UIs in computer-aided design, radiation therapy, surgical simulation, data visualisation, and virtual reality of all forms and types. The next generation of computer games, mobile devices, and desktop applications also demand 3D interaction, as the only paradigm capable of producing many higher interaction or training paradigms.

The authors of this book show how to produce usable 3D applications that deliver on their enormous promise. Coverage includes:

The psychology and human factors of various 3D interaction tasks
Different approaches for evaluating 3D Uis
Results from empirical studies of 3D interaction techniques
Principles for choosing appropriate input and output devices for 3D systems
Details and tips on implementing common 3D interaction techniques
Guidelines for selecting the most effective interaction techniques for common 3D tasks
Case studies of 3D UIs in real-world applications


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