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Authored by Raph Koster, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Online Entertainment, this brilliantly illustrated book is a storyboard filled with inspirational ideas for all designers.

As Will Wright (co-creator of SimCity 2000 and SimCopter) states in his foreword, "Raph forages across wide intellectual landscapes and then returns to share what he?s discovered with the rest of us?. He has filtered out a treasure trove of useful and relevant nuggets from a career?s worth of his own research."

A Theory of Fun for Game Design features a novel way of showing interactive designers how to improve their designs to incorporate the highest degree of fun. This book will truly inspire and challenge game designers, as well as artists and designers from all segments of the industry. The unique format of A Theory of Fun, with engaging text and thought-provoking illustrations, will ensure that this book becomes a classic text for designers. Already endorsed by major players in the gaming world ? such as BoingBoing, Noah Falstein, and Henry Jenkins of MIT ? A Theory of Fun covers such essential topics as:

? Why some games are fun and others boring
? Why making a game too hard?or too easy?is a mistake
? Why games have to balance deprivation and overload, order and chaos, silence and noise
? The difference between designing content and creating an experience
? Why both adults and children like to play games
? How playing a game and learning are connected
? The ethics of entertainment


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